Nurturing Early Stage Startups


Spawn is focused on helping startups realize their potential by helping them raise money and providing invaluable mentoring and execution support during all stages. Our core competency is in -

  • Seed Round for idea stage startups;

  • Angel Round for early and growth stage startups.

  • product management, engineering and technology consulting

  • marketing and business development

We connect both early and growth stage startups to individual and institutional investors and experts across the globe, while also working in tandem with top notch corporate houses to leverage their experiential learning in the Startup ecosystem.

Spawn Venture is supported by its strong Advisory Board and Key Institutional partners.


Why are we different

  • We are a unique hybrid investment platform for Startups and Investors.

  • We work closely with a promoter team to address all their requirements end-to-end


We value our investors’ time and expertise and connect them with the relevant startups which are ROI driven and see themselves as the next unicorn. We are actively engaged in the execution of the startup being responsible for outcomes in one or more areas as identified with the startup.