We are a team of passionate serial entrepreneurs with solid technology and marketing background. Having worked in large iconic organizations and successfully starting up, it is our mission to help Startups succeed and scale

Meet The Team


Anand Rao

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With over 18 years of experience, Anand is passionate about leveraging the power of Internet & Mobile to create a strategic business differentiator. His  experience pans across Business Development, Product Management, Technology Infrastructure and eCommerce - early stage companies and or established Multi Nationals.


Anand's expertise is in understanding user behavior, addressing implicit needs and along with competitor analysis building a product roadmap, which meets business objectives.


Srinivas Seshadri

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Passionate leader with over 25 years of experience, Srini loves how the current crop of entrepreneurs are solving critical problems.


Srini has been a part of the startup ecosystem for over a decade and having done two successful startups, he brings unlimited passion and experience in business and technology.


Deepak K Vasishtha

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Deepak brings 22 years of experience in leadership and technology across manufacturing, supply chain, insurance and retail banking areas. He finds business problems challenging and enjoys the passion of traversing the journey from idea to execution.


He also brings with him extensive experience in architecting data solutions to enable capitalization of intelligence & insights.